How To GO: Slow Travel

Slow travel? What?

This couple, Simon and Erin, are full-time backpackers (and I’m talking just a backpack, impressive!) and full-time digital nomads. They take care of their blog (Never Ending Voyage), have an ebook, an application for mobile devices and do lots of other cool things to make money while they are away. Because they have to work, living that typical backpacker lifestyle doesn’t really boast the right environment. They need to stay long enough in one place to be able to get some work done! (Not to mention a reliable WiFi connection) Also, backpacking can be a bit checklist-y at times, so they appreciate the way of life that slow travel gives them.

I love the idea of slow travel. It’s about staying long enough in one place to really get to know where you are. You have more time to let the culture seep into your veins. More time to really see all the sights and maybe learn a bit of the language. It’s more about experiencing things as the locals would experience them. They call it an “in-depth style of travel”.

“It’s about getting to know one place well, focusing on quality rather than quantity, and connecting with a place and its people.” I mean, isn’t this the point of all travel?


(Small island off of Krabi, Thailand)

Where do I stay?

When slow traveling, it’s probably best to rent a place for a week or a month rather than pay nightly rates. Not only will it most likely be less expensive, but it will also put you in a “local” house where you will get more out of wherever you’re staying. The hostel environment is nice if you’re a lone traveler and could help to meet people, but would probably have less reliable WiFi and less of a place for you to chill out and work.

How do I find a place to stay?

Finding places is getting easier and easier these days. Site like AirBnB are great as well as couchsurfing. In some countries you may also be able to find volunteer programs where you live and work for your rent, house sitting programs, short term au pair programs, etc. There are tons of resources out there! You’ve just got to keep your eyes open.


What kind of traveler is slow travel best for?

I guess anyone who thinks, “Yeah, that just sounds right.”

Slow travel is good for those who have the drive to work hard and who value their experiences over monetary gains.

What kind of money do I need to make to slow travel?

This is always the big question isn’t it? “How do you afford to travel?” people always ask me. I guess I don’t really. I just make it happen. If I want to go somewhere then I look up what’s available in that area. I might pick up an extra job online or try to meet people in the area who can help me out or give me advice. It’s all about how much you want it. If there’s one thing I can tell you, it’s to save up a bit of a cushion before you pack up and leave in case work is slow or you end up wanting to leave a location early and need to make a last minute flight purchase. Just as a guide, I saved up $3000 before going to Thailand and it lasted me 6 months along with my regular on-line jobs.

Let me know if you’re interested in hearing about how I find and keep on-line jobs.

What do you guys think about slow travel? 

No matter how you choose to travel, travel safe ❤

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  2. This post is priceless. Where can I find out more?


  3. Katie says:

    Nice Lauren. Would love to hear more about how you got online jobs and how you social network while you travel 🙂

    Katie 🙂


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    Really interesting post, nicely written L


    1. Lo says:

      Thanks, G! And thanks for coming over from Insta to say hello to me on the blog as well. You rock!


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