How to GO: Get Your Priorities Straight

Travel is inexplicable.

If you don’t have an obvious way to make this happen (study abroad program, etc) then I urge everyone to just make it happen.

You’re never going to have enough money saved, you’re never going to know exactly where to sleep each night of your trip, you’re always going to feel the fear of real danger and you’re always going to have a zillion responsibilities that get in the way.

Unless you make it a priority, you’ll never know all the amazing people you might meet, all the love you will feel, all the amazing ocean fish you will swim next to and all the situations where you should have died but actually were the most alive.

Then, when you come back, all the money in the world will mean nothing, your familiar bed will be the most comfortable thing you ever slept in, you will feel safe (and bored), all of your responsibilities will be worth it again and nobody around you will ever understand how much you’ve grown.

That’s what travel is about.


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