My name is Lo.

I’m a digital marketing professional and an outdoor advocate.

I believe nothing interesting enough happens inside the four walls of a bedroom (well, unless you’ve got an attractive man with you in those four walls); All of my most treasured memories have come from getting outside, pushing my boundaries and crossing borders.

Three years ago I dropped out of school and decided it was a brilliant idea to travel as a professional face painter with a children’s dinosaur exhibit called Jurassic Quest. I lived out of a suitcase with them for about a year before deciding I’d had enough of 16 hour days and pizza for lunch.

The travel wasn’t the problem, it was that I wasn’t enjoying it.

So, I set my sites on Thailand.

I spent six months in Thailand occasionally traveling across neighboring borders into Malaysia and Cambodia when I got the chance. Afterwards, I traveled to the UK and then to Hong Kong.

I made my way back home to California at the end of 2015.

Now, I’m in school studying Journalism in the Bay Area, but I still get out and let my limbs wander as much as possible.

Stay tuned.